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C3: Crystals, Cauldrons, & Cocktails
A Witchy Podcast

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This Week's Episode:

Welcome to a cozy and enchanting episode 130 of C3: Crystals, Cauldrons, & Cocktails, to explore the magic of Hearth and Kitchen Witchery. Join us as we sip on delicious potions, stir up aromatic concoctions, and delve into the ancient traditions of household magic.

In this episode, we'll dive into the rich tapestry of Hearth and Kitchen Witchery, uncovering the sacred rituals and practices that infuse everyday tasks with magical intention. From brewing herbal teas to baking bread with love, we'll explore how the hearth and kitchen serve as potent altars for manifesting abundance, protection, and healing in our lives.

So grab your cauldron, pour yourself a cocktail, and join us as we kindle the flames of Hearth and Kitchen Witchery. Cheers to the magic of home and hearth!

Until then, Stay Witchy!!

After Dark Episode 31:
Black Magick

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Welcome to a daring episode of C3: Crystals, Cauldrons, & Cocktails-After Dark, where we venture into the shadows to explore the mysterious and misunderstood realm of black magick. In this episode, we'll confront the taboo surrounding black magick, dispelling myths and misconceptions as we explore its history, philosophy, and techniques. From the potent symbolism of the dark arts to the rituals and spells used to tap into its power, we'll shed light on the complexities and nuances of working with the shadows.

As we sip on our bewitching cocktails infused with herbs and crystals aligned with the darker aspects of the craft, we'll share tips and considerations for practicing black magick responsibly and ethically. Whether you're drawn to the forbidden allure of the shadows or simply curious about the deeper aspects of witchcraft, this episode offers a provocative and enlightening exploration of black magick.

So gather 'round the cauldron, pour yourself a cocktail, and join us as we embrace the darkness and unlock the mysteries of black magick. Cheers to the power of the shadows! 

Until then, Stay Witchy!!

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About The Show

Welcome to C3: Crystals, Cauldrons, & Cocktails, a bewitching podcast that delves deep into the world of witchcraft, magic, and the mysteries of the unseen. Join us every Friday on a journey of exploration as we uncover the ancient arts, modern practices, and timeless wisdom that weave together the tapestry of the witching world.

Hosts River Kane and Wren Graves, seasoned practitioners with a heart full of curiosity and a cauldron full of knowledge, each episode of C3: Crystals, Cauldrons, & Cocktails invites you to step into a realm where spells, rituals, and potions dance with the energies of the cosmos. Whether you're a seasoned witch or a curious seeker, this podcast is your spellbinding guide to all things mystical.

In each episode, we'll dive deep into a variety of enchanting topics, from the history of witchcraft across cultures to the practical art of casting spells. We'll explore the properties of herbs and crystals, share recipes for potent potions, and discuss the ethics and responsibilities that come with wielding magical power.  

Are you ready to embrace the mysteries of the moon, summon the energies of the elements, and unlock the secrets of the universe? Tune in to C3: Crystals, Cauldrons, & Cocktails, and let the enchantment begin. 


Witchy Quote of the Month

“There’s a little witch in all of us.”

Aunt Jet Owens, “Practical Magic”


River Kane


Wren Graves


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