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River's Ramblings - 2-10-23

It’s uncharacteristically warm here in Georgia right now, so my brain has turned to thoughts of gardens, herbs, & plants!

As many of you know from our podcast, I am not the most green-thumbed person in the world - in fact, I’m sure some of you think I’m a horrible plant-murderer (Greg). I assure you, though, that I LOVE plants, and I want to do better!

So, as my thoughts gravitate towards the warming seasons, I have decided I want to plant a witchy moon garden.

“What’s a moon garden?” my husband asked when I proudly told him my idea.

I enthusiastically explained that it is a garden in which I would be able to spend time at night wherein the flowers and plants bloom during the night! There are some flowers that only bloom at night, which totally fascinates me! I want those moon-gilded flowers interspersed with black flowers (because, that’s the color of my soul, of course), for a lovely witchy area in which to practice my craft! I love the idea of full moon magick done outside in such a garden space.

He seems a bit skeptical, but I showed him my list of plants, and he is contemplating how we can make it happen!

Every year we have a lovely vegetable garden. Given my history with plants, he is the one that mostly cares for our delicious plant-life, though I am the one who loves to turn the vegetable delights into witchy culinary feasts! I think it is quite feasible to add in a witchy section to our garden!

As he looked at my list, some of the plants will not survive in Georgia, some are annuals which I will have to replant yearly, and some won’t even bloom at the same time, but all-in-all, he thinks we can pull it together! I told him I’d like to plant them in a pentacle made of wood, with each section for different plants. He isn’t so sure about that idea, so we may just take a section of garden to make as my own.

My list of plants that bloom at night are:


tropical white knight vine

evening primrose

cape jasmine plant

double purple devil trumpet

My list of black plants are:

black pansies


black roses

I will keep you posted as to how (and IF) this actually happens!

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