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Litha Ideas 2023: Celebrating the Summer Sun Sabbat

Litha is this week! What are you doing to celebrate this Summer Sun Sabbat?

Litha is the Sabbat that celebrates the longest day of the year! it is the Summer Solstice, a perfect time for solar magick, being outside, and playing with your family.

Litha Colors: yellows, golds, oranges, greens

Litha symbols: sun, fire, bonfires, daisies, torches, the fae

Litha Herbs/spices: orange, lemon, lavender, honey

Litha Crystals: amber, jade, tiger's eye

Litha Animals: bees, butterflies, cows, horses

Litha symbolizes power, creativity, inspiration, love, healing, & fertility

Litha Feast Ideas: Cook with savory or spicey flavors to celebrate this hot time of year. Using dishes featuring fresh produce, grilled vegetables, & watermelon is perfect for this celebration! Make chilled gazpacho soup to honor the vegetables of the time yet stay cool. Bake fairy cakes for dessert!

Litha Cocktail Ideas: mead, spiked lemonade, lemon drop cocktails, and margaritas are wonderful drink ideas!

Want something alcohol-free? Make sun tea!

Looking for ideas on how to celebrate? Look no further:

  1. Host a bonfire - roast marshmallows, make s'mores, choose music

  2. Host a swim party - set up a kiddie pool for the dogs, gather fun beach towels or blankets to sit on, play Marco Polo

  3. Have a family game day - have a hoola hoop race, play lawn darts, run relay races, play cornhole, throw horseshoes

  4. Watch the sun rise & set - this is the longest day of the year - enjoy all of it!

Want to celebrate by yourself? Light a single candle and practice flame meditation.

Don't forget to do a tarot draw. Ask what your current strength is, what is abundant, and what you should focus on as the days grow darker.

Journal in your Book of Shadows or Sabbat Notebook about things you are thankful for and how you plan to prepare for the coming dark part of the year.

For help in planning, buy River's Litha Planner 2023 here:

Let us know what you did to celebrate!

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