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Jar Spell Magick

Boo, Bitches!!

I've been diving into the fascinating world of jar spells lately and wanted to share my newfound excitement with all of you. If you're curious about harnessing the power of jars to manifest your intentions, here's a beginner's guide to get you started!

1. What are Jar Spells?

Jar spells are a magickal practice where you use a jar as a container to focus and amplify your intentions. Whether it's for protection, love, abundance, or banishing negativity, jar spells are versatile and customizable. The possibilities are endless!

2. Choosing the Right Jar:

Select a jar that resonates with your intention. Clear jars are great for clarity and openness, while colored jars can add an extra layer of symbolism. Make it personal and choose something that speaks to you.

3. Ingredients Matter:

Gather ingredients that align with your purpose. This can include herbs, crystals, oils, written intentions, or anything symbolic. Research the correspondences of each element to enhance the potency of your spell.

4. Setting Intentions:

Before you start assembling your jar, take a moment to center yourself and clearly set your intentions. Visualize the outcome you desire, infusing your energy into the process. This is the magic that brings your spell to life!

5. Assembling the Jar:

Layer your chosen ingredients in the jar with intention and purpose. Think of it as creating a magical parfait! Seal the jar and, if you wish, decorate it with symbols or sigils representing your goals.

6. Activating the Magic:

Once your jar is assembled, give it a good shake to activate the energies within. Place it in a spot where it won't be disturbed, and let the magic unfold. Some practitioners like to charge their jars under the moonlight or during a specific phase of the moon.

7. Maintenance and Release:

Keep an eye on your jar and refresh its energy periodically. If your intention has manifested, you can choose to release the contents, bury them, or find another appropriate method. It's all about the energy flow! I actually keep mine where it's most appropriate (like next to the bed for a lust jar spell, etc) and then re-charge in the sun or moon!

8. Personalize and Experiment:

The beauty of jar spells is their flexibility. Don't be afraid to experiment and make it your own. Add personal items, customize chants, and adapt the process to suit your magickal style. The more connected you feel, the more potent the spell becomes!

Share your experiences, tips, and favorite jar spells below! Let's create a magickal community full of inspiration and support. Happy spell crafting, everyone!

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